The career of the greenskeeper


My name is Joel and I am graduated from HKUST BSc(Chem) 2002, I have started the greenskeeper career at 2002 in a golf course, and now the Grounds Manager of the Hong Kong Cricket Club. This is a very special job that I have never thought before I graduated. And this is a job very not common in Hong Kong.

After few years of training, I am now the Grounds Manager of the Hong Kong Cricket Club. Looking after a cricket field and the lawn bowling green. In the time of the my training, I have been to different places for train. The countries Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and England. Those are very favourite places in the world of the game of the cricket. And also building a very strong knowledge in this career.

People might think this is a job similar to landscape and just good for people waiting for their retirement, but actually this is a job full of challenge if you serious about this. The grass/lawn/sports field is much more complicated than what you can see from the top. The plants health are close related on the soil physic and chemistry, and also different season might stimulate different kind of pests and diseases. Which also direct related to how the garden/lawn/sports field being constructed. It applies a lot of knowledge and physical strength. People after study in university most likely have to work in the air-conditioned office, but the opposite, I am working outdoor which is 35°C in the summer and 5°C in the winter. This job is very tough in general, and not a job with good salary when you started. But you will find yourself different from the job in a green nature and away from the busy commercial place.

As the China is growing in the golf industry, may be a little late but this is still chance to get into this growing industry in the mainland, and which suit the strength of language, common sense and hard working nature of Hong Kong people. And as there are more people aware of environmental protection/greening, this industry is the future trend. I am hoping to see more young people can join in this career. And work for a greener future for this world.

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