Why Take Engineering and Why at HKUST?


KONG Wing Man Samantha
Year 3, Chemical and Environmental Engineering
Head Student Ambassador of HKUST
Recipient of the Hong Kong Top 10 Outstanding Youth


Engineering is not regarded as an immediate first choice by many top students in Hong Kong. However, you would be absolutely wrong to think in this way.

I went overseas to attend high school in Malaysia. Three years ago, just as every high school student does, I struggled as to what discipline to take at university.

I still remember I had completely no idea what engineering was about when I was at school. It was my dad – a civil engineer– who inspired me to choose the field. “Engineers are trained to plan, design, analyze, and solve problems,” he said. I began to understand this and see what engineering was about when I accompanied my father to work. Indeed, I came to realize that engineering really is a profession about ‘’solving problems through active communication and a combination of skills in science and mathematics”.

So why study engineering at HKUST? The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology may be a young university yet it is already famous for its research excellence in many different fields. To me, it is my second home. It is a multicultural arena where everyone learns from each other; and in addition to academic knowledge, it is the springboard to many other opportunities. Exchanges, internships and voluntary service outside school are all available. There is even the chance to undertake research as an undergraduate to see if you are interested in becoming an academic.

Life as a Chemical and Environmental Engineering student at HKUST has been awesome and I have really enjoyed the learning environment.

From working on group projects to building a social network, the skills I have acquired and the people I have met have broadened my understanding of the subject and myself, and created the platform for a bright future.

HKUST is the only institution in Hong Kong to offer Chemical Engineering,a branch of engineering combining diverse areas.

One of the most interesting engineering projects that I have been involved in focused on designing a marketable product. Our team decided to design a body lotion for treating a skin allergy, and my group mates and I had to choose the ingredients and design the process for manufacturing. This gives you an idea of the breadth of a chemical engineer. It is not all factories and fossil fuels. We are the ones who design the process and concepts for production, transformation and transportation of materials by implementing the technology to synthesize production. Sound intriguing?!

Having lived in Malaysia, I am also really happy to have the opportunity to meet up with international students from around the world at HKUST. Food is always a good bridge! My close friends and I have formed a food expedition group to celebrate after mid-terms and final examinations. It is always fun to have a gang of good friends to share experiences. We sometimes discuss current issues about our different disciplines, which also enhances my understanding of being a chemical engineer.

Now I think you can see why I really enjoy every bit of my life here!

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