HKUST Business School Stands Out on Gender Balance Performance


The School of Business and Management of The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST Business School) has performed well on its gender balance among the world’s top 20 business schools, according to an analysis by 20-FIRST.

20-FIRST is one of the world’s leading global consultancy firms with a focus on promoting gender balance and organizational effectiveness. The firm believes that business schools are a key lever in the ability of companies to gender balance and their faculty members affect the mindsets of graduates when they join the business world. Of the top 20 business schools accessed, the HKUST Business School scored the highest percentage of female faculty (30% Female / 70% Male), ahead of Harvard Business School and Yale School of Management. 

The analysis was based on the data provided by the Financial Times Global MBA Ranking over the past two years. It also showed 11 of the top 20 business schools have balanced their student gender populations in their programs (i.e. a maximum of 60% of any gender). The greatest improvement went to the HKUST Business School with a 7% leap in female student intake (37% Female / 63% Male). 

According to Prof. TAM Kar Yan, Dean of HKUST Business School, giving equal chances to both genders to contribute and voice their opinions in decision-making processes can immensely benefit our society as a whole and boost the region’s economic status. 

“Business schools are a driving force to advocate for gender inclusivity in the business sector. As an international leader in business education, we seek to foster a diversify and yet inclusive mindset in educating business talent and aim to play an active role in promoting gender balance,” he says.  

With the International Women’s Day just ahead, the School has just released the findings of a research project that looks into the gender issue in the financial sector in Hong Kong. Conducted by Prof. Utpal BHATTACHARYA and his team, the study investigates if investors’ genders affect the quality of financial advice they receive. The team visited all 65 local financial advisory firms in Hong Kong that cater to local retail investors, in an attempt to assess the relationship between investment advice and genders. 

The research, together with an ongoing effort in attracting the best minds in the world for equal employment and education opportunities, is an integral part of our commitment to an inclusive culture.  

More information about the 20-FIRST and its Gender Balance Scorecard:

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HKUST Business School claims the highest percentage of female faculty among the 20 top business schools accessed.
HKUST Business School claims the highest percentage of female faculty among the 20 top business schools accessed.
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