HKUST and HKSI Establish Joint Center for Sports Science and Technology to Strengthen Collaboration


HKUST Vice-President (Research and Development) Prof. Tim CHENG (front left) and HKSI Chief Executive Dr. Trisha LEAHY (front right) signed the agreement under the witness of HKUST Acting President Prof. GUO Yike (back left) and HKSI Deputy Chief Executive Mr. Tony CHOI (back right).


HKUST Acting President Prof. GUO Yike (third left), HKSI Chief Executive Dr. Trisha LEAHY (third right), Vice-President (Research and Development) Prof. Tim CHENG (second left), HKSI Deputy Chief Executive Mr. Tony CHOI (second right), Director of the Center and Chair Professor of the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Prof. ZHANG Xin (first left), and HKSI Coordinator of the Centre and Director of Elite Training Science & Technology Dr. Raymond SO (first right) unveiled plaque for the Center.


HKUST researchers calculate the optimal course and angle settings for the Hong Kong Windsurfing Team using wind tunnel experiment and numerical simulation data.


HKUST researchers installed a wind speed sensor (yellow circle) on top of the sail and an integrated sensor (red circle enlarged in the right picture) at the tail of the windsurf board to collect comprehensive aerodynamic and motion data for the athletes during training.


A smoke visualization test in the HKUST wind tunnel on the air flow around a full-scale cycling mannequin, which helps the understanding of the critical flow phenomena for aerodynamic optimization of cycling equipment and suits.

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) and the Hong Kong Sports Institute (HKSI) celebrated today the inauguration of the HKUST – HKSI Joint Center for Sports Science and Technology (Center). The Center will explore the integration of research and technology into sports, promote innovation in sports science and optimize elite athletes’ performance in international competitions.

The establishment of the Center was built upon a strong foundation of partnership between the parties dated back to 2018, where HKUST started collaborating with the HKSI to develop state-of-the-art wind tunnel testing capabilities for the development and optimization of low-drag cycling suits and gears for the Hong Kong Cycling team, which had improved training efficiency and contributed to their performances at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

With the launch of the Center, HKUST’s researchers will further strengthen collaboration with HKSI’s sports scientists and engineers as well as coaches on the development of new technologies, sensors, test protocols and analysis tools for sports aerodynamics, advanced training equipment and race simulations. This is aimed to optimize the sports equipment, postures and strategies of elite athletes and achieve critical marginal gains in areas including cycling, triathlon and windsurfing.

HKUST Vice-President (Research and Development) Prof. Tim CHENG and HKSI Chief Executive Dr. Trisha LEAHY signed the agreement today, under the witness of HKUST Acting President Prof. GUO Yike and HKSI Deputy Chief Executive Mr. Tony CHOI.

Prof. Tim Cheng, HKUST Vice-President for Research and Development said, “Sports science and technology is one of HKUST’s strategic research areas, and we are happy to have partnered with the HKSI since five years ago on pushing the boundaries of athletic performance through research and innovation. With Hong Kong’s triumph in recent sporting events, and the government’s increasing support for elite athletes, the HKUST is also committing HK$20 million in support of the development of sports science. I hope that with this new Center, we will not only discover more new knowledge, but will also achieve a cutting edge for our elite athletes to shine on the world stage.”

Dr. Trisha Leahy, Chief Executive of the HKSI said, “With the support of our key partners including the HKUST, we are delighted to see Hong Kong athletes succeeding in the international sports arena. The HKSI is committed to engaging with expert organizations like HKUST to develop new technologies and scientific methods to assist athletes to go beyond boundaries. The establishment of the Joint Center tapping into HKUST’s significant expertise in science and technology will definitely help optimize Hong Kong athletes’ performance in the upcoming competitions.”

According to the agreement, HKUST will also continue to develop and provide education programs – including tailor-made training courses and the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program – HKUST’s signature research program, for elite athletes in HKSI to facilitate their dual career development. 

Prof. ZHANG Xin, Director of the Center and Chair Professor of the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, said that the collaboration will bring about significant benefits and impact, “We will not only produce transformable technologies that will enhance Hong Kong elite athletes’ competitiveness in international contests such as world championship and the Olympic Games; but will also create new knowledge and facilitate our understanding in sports, which could be further applied to the sports industry and the general public.”

Dr. Raymond SO, HKSI Coordinator of the Centre and Director of Elite Training Science & Technology said, “With the great success of our last collaborations of the wind tunnel experiments, it is very exciting to work even closer with HKUST in this establishment of the Center. We aim to extend the innovation and benefits to more sports, so as to assist elite athletes to scale new heights on the international arena.”

The first line of projects includes a comprehensive aerodynamic assessment for elite windsurfing athletes; development of specialized aero-sports and biological sensors, novel mannequins to simulate pulsate motion of a person’s arm and leg muscles; as well as a non-contact system that provides accurate measurements of the athlete’s physiological state.

Over 30 representatives from HKUST and HKSI held the Center’s first work meeting after the signing ceremony. HKUST faculty presented their latest research findings in the fields of sports aerodynamics, sensors and sports performance monitoring, design and characterization of sports equipment of materials, life science engagement in sports. The two parties have also exchanged on the development, engagement of student athletes as well as internship opportunities for students.


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