Creating Leaders With The World In Mind

The typical Hong Kong student might be exceptional in academia, but how much do they know about the plight of refugees in a war zone? It’s a central reason why diplomatic and humanitarian ideals are being combined with HKUST’s traditional engineering, business and science strengths in a new collaboration with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). The alliance is the latest initiative by HKUST Connect to deepen student learning and raise civil awareness by linking up the wider community.

With humanitarian and aid policies studies among the relatively less popular disciplines for Asian students, creating a bridge with the ICRC, a neutral and independent humanitarian organization, is a firm step giving our students an opportunity to practice empathy. It also places a public spotlight on the plight of victims in armed conflicts globally.

The initiative covers research focused on economics, workshops, and an exclusive traineeship, in which a student will have the once in a lifetime chance to work at ICRC’s Geneva headquarters. That person will assist on diplomatic relations with donors and collaborators including state representatives and global corporate leaders.

The visionary program takes place under ICRC’s Resource Mobilization –Government affairs and donor relations department. A special research project is being carried out under a new department – the Centre for Operational Research and Experience (CORE), which aims to foster research on the economic impact of humanitarian intervention in developing countries.

The partnership will also see a number of new events with the ICRC, including career talks, a President-to-President summit on ethics and humanitarianism within entrepreneurial learning, and a one-day workshop with discussion, presentations and role-play.

By joining forces, we offer a strong reminder of HKUST’s global identity and humanitarian ethos. It is a powerful combination key to nurturing leaders of the future, by encouraging global civic educatio

Nurturing global citizens through humanitarian effort, HKUST has established a partnership with ICRC
Nurturing global citizens through humanitarian effort, HKUST has established a partnership with ICRC