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To address the meaningful connections among the disciplines, a new interdisciplinary Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology and Business (BIBU) program will be launched at HKUST in the 2016-17 academic year.

The program, jointly developed by HKUST’s School of Science and School of Business and Management, is the first undergraduate program in Hong Kong which connects Biotechnology to Business.

The interdisciplinary curriculum, which comprises about equal number of courses in science and business, equips students with a solid foundation of essential technical knowledge (life science, biotechnology) and business know-how (accounting, economics, operations management, and many others).

“In light of the booming development of biotechnology in Hong Kong and Greater China, there is an increasing demand for talents who possess both technical knowledge and a business mind. The new joint-school program will be our solution to address the regional demand for professionals,” said Professor Yung Hou Wong, Co-Director of the BIBU program.

Co-Director Professor Ellick Wong added that the uniqueness of the program will equip students with a diverse portfolio. The knowledge will stand them in good stead when they apply for jobs after graduation.

The 4-year program also targets to enhance students’ creativity and critical thinking ability, and provide them with a global outlook on biotechnology development and applications.

HKUST’s new BIBU program to bridge Biotechnology and Business
HKUST’s new BIBU program to bridge Biotechnology and Business
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