Mainland Support for Institute for Advanced Study at HKUST


The Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) has come out in support of the setting up of the Institute for Advanced Study at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

HKUST President Prof Paul Chu paid a courtesy visit to the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) in Beijing earlier this month. Among topics discussed between Prof Chu and the Vice Minister of Science and Technology, Mr Shang Yong, were ways and means of deepening the cooperation between the mainland and Hong Kong in science and technology. The Vice Minister was warmly supportive of HKUST's initiative in establishing the Institute for Advanced Study.

In a press release on the Ministry website, the Vice Minister applauded Prof Chu's superb accomplishments as a scientist, and his stewardship of HKUST.

"President Chu's groundbreaking work in superconductivity is a crowning achievement for Chinese scientists. HKUST's academic success within a dozen or so years is truly awe-inspiring," Mr Shang said.

Prof Chu briefed the Vice Minister on the latest developments at the IAS.

"HKUST has set its heart on attracting tip-top talents from around the world. They will lead our charge towards breaking the barriers of cutting edge knowledge. At the same time, we would benefit enormously from closer and broader cooperation with our mainland counterparts. We are therefore thankful for the expression of support from the Ministry of Science and Technology." Prof Chu said.

In the course of the discussions, the Vice Minister took time to explain to Prof Chu the nation's Medium and Long Term Science and Technology Development Outline 2006-2020, encompassing the national technology planning, the establishment of key laboratories, and the achievements of the mainland and Hong Kong in fundamental and applied research in recent years.

He pointed out that Hong Kong is blessed with the unimpeded flow of information and enjoys close and extensive ties with the world's scientific community. It is therefore well-positioned to play a pivotal role in the nation's new strategic development The Ministry is prepared to provide all necessary support to Hong Kong in its scientific and economic development initiatives.

Among those who attended the meeting were the Deputy Director-General of the Department of Basic Research Ye Yujiang, and Deputy Director-General of China Science and Technology Exchange Center Zhao Xinli.

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