Making the Impossible Possible


HKUST graduate Frank Wang is thankful for the academic and support from the University, inspiring him to move forward and become a successful entrepreneur in producing unmanned helicopters with myriad applications from fun to functional.

An electrical and computer engineering graduate, 2006 BEng (ELEC), 2011 MPhil (ECE) at HKUST, Frank manages to pursue his dream of building flying machines. Today, he is the CEO and CTO of DJI Innovations, a company which is now the global leader in developing and manufacturing high-performance, reliable and easy-to-use small unmanned automated helicopters for commercial and recreational use.

In his university life, Frank found opportunities to put his diverse talents and interests to good use. He was encouraged in his studies to follow his passion for creating unmanned helicopters. The knowledge that he gained from HKUST has enabled him to put his passion into real-life scenarios through starting up a sustainable commercial project. It is the result of hard work, persistence, passion, courage, and learning from failure.

Young talent follows his dream to realize a fulfilling career
Young talent follows his dream to realize a fulfilling career
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