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Among FinTech programs and research in Asia and Hong Kong, HKUST is a top runner that possesses an outstanding academic foundation and strategic partnerships with key players in FinTech.

Asia FinTech Program for Talents Who Want to Make Changes in Hong Kong FinTech

Financial technology, commonly referred to as "FinTech", is now a highly used word in everyday life, as well as one of the most promising industries in 2022. With the proliferation of FinTech companies, traditional financial institutions such as banks and insurance companies around the world are undergoing changes aimed at closing the technology gap between them and FinTech startups. Asia FinTech programs offered by universities have a promising future by offering quality education to nurture talents. Together with its worldwide counterparts, the Hong Kong FinTech industry is rising. This development depends greatly on the supply of Hong Kong FinTech talents.

Asia FinTech Programs Offered by Renowned Universities and Organisations

The development of FinTech is increasingly important. It is going to affect the future of the financial industry. Across Asia, FinTech programs offered by universities and education organisations are ubiquitous. With its fast development, Asia FinTech programs are entering an era of rapid growth and sophistication. Universities in Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea and many more places are offering Asia FinTech programs to strive to be the powerhouse of Asian FinTech program talents, attracting thousands of international students to take part at the same time.

Take Hong Kong as an example of Asia FinTech programs, the city provides higher education opportunities for passionate students through its internationally renowned universities. Hong Kong FinTech is a budding and thriving industry. The mentioned programs do play an important role in securing the city’s status as an international financial centre.

The Development of Hong Kong FinTech under the Asia FinTech Programs

As a leader in Asia FinTech programs, Hong Kong is evolving to prepare for future challenges. According to the latest policy address, the Hong Kong government has made substantial funding to support innovation and technology expansion with the aim of upgrading Hong Kong to a smart city. Increasing demand for Hong Kong FinTech professionals is expected. To meet such huge demand, universities are providing Hong Kong FinTech programs on FinTech, big data, artificial intelligence, etc. to help professionals develop.

FinTech organisations, mostly startups, are reshaping the financial services industry, delivering customer-centric services that combine speed and flexibility, backed by forward-looking strategies and cutting-edge business models. Fueled by a wave of start-ups with innovative business and revenue models, and new products/services, Hong Kong FinTech is benefiting from the global trend of intelligence and digital transformation.

Universities in Hong Kong in Response to the Changing Hong Kong FinTech Landscape

In response to the changing Hong Kong FinTech landscape, universities are developing programs in talent development and strategic cooperation in education and research. The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) has been making contributions to the Hong Kong FinTech industry through extensive partnerships and connections.

One of the major Hong Kong FinTech education breakthroughs is the joint program to be offered by HKUST with Tencent Finance Academy (Hong Kong) (TFAHK). The two parties will jointly develop Hong Kong FinTech courses, combining the academic achievements of HKUST and Tencent's rich business experience, to create a new talent training model. Some other collaborations include the provision of internship opportunities for HKUST students, joint research and development projects related to Hong Kong FinTech, and the implementation of different educational outreach programmes to raise public awareness of Hong Kong FinTech.

Another spotlight project of FinTech at HKUST is the partnership of HKUST and the China Construction Bank (CCB) to co-organise a master's program in FinTech to cultivate financial professionals in Hong Kong. CCB will provide HKUST with financial data and cases, and jointly carry out related research topics with the university. It is this cooperation that has created a new model for youth exchanges and financial interconnection between Hong Kong and mainland China. Every year, CCB will select and recommend students (not limited to CCB employees) to study the Master of Fintech program at HKUST. CCB will also open some practical financial courses, as well as the facilities of its South China Campus, for all students of HKUST’s Master of Financial Technology program to take electives, conduct exchange visits, and practice training.

In addition to co-organizing courses, HKUST and CCB also plan to cooperate on various featured projects, including mini-MBA courses for small, medium and micro enterprises, and various short-term training courses for business talents. The mini-MBA will focus on exploring an effective model to help small, medium and micro enterprises solve their operational and financing difficulties with insights from Hong Kong FinTech. CCB will also provide support for HKUST students with internship opportunities, entrepreneurship advice and financing for new ventures.

With all the above efforts, it is hoped that graduates from HKUST would benefit from the comprehensive and innovative programs offered, standing tall in the ever-changing world of new technologies.

Implications of Hong Kong FinTech Development

With the reform of Hong Kong into a smart city with advanced infrastructure, FinTech-related opportunities are everywhere. FinTech includes a new wave of companies changing the way people pay, send money, borrow and invest. FinTech also encourages people to witness many impressive innovations and technological advancements, such as contactless technology, digital wallets and cryptocurrencies in the new era. With collaboration between Fintech companies and traditional banks, a lot is to be gained from the discovery of future growth potential in the industry.

About the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST)

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) is an internationally renowned research university with world-class standards in science, engineering, business management, humanities and social sciences. HKUST offers an international campus, and a holistic and interdisciplinary pedagogy to nurture well-rounded graduates with a global vision, a strong entrepreneurial spirit and innovative thinking.

HKUST attained the highest proportion of internationally excellent research work in the Research Assessment Exercise 2014 of Hong Kong’s University Grants Committee and is ranked as the world’s second-best young university in QS Top 50 Under 50 - 2022. The university is also ranked the 9th among the QS Asia University Rankings 2022 and the 34th of the World’s Top 1,300 Universities 2022 (No. 2 in Hong Kong) in QS World University Rankings.


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