HKUST Holds the First Inauguration Ceremony of Named Professorships Partnership for Excellence


The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) held the First Inauguration Ceremony of Named Professorships today to confer named professorships on 13 outstanding faculty members. Made under the University’s newly launched “HKUST Named Professorship Program”, the named professorship appointments are intended to foster the University’s education and research excellence by giving due recognition to the exceptional faculty.

Addressing the ceremony, President Prof Tony F Chan said the professorship holders all excel in a diverse range of disciplines encompassing science, engineering, business, social science, life science, nanotechnology and others. Their education and research accomplishments have constantly been placed at the forefront of international scholarship, helping the University develop into a world-class research university. The honorees’ passion for teaching and research also sets an inspiring example for students’ learning and personal development.

Prof Chan believed the community’s contribution is indispensable to the making of world-class universities. He expressed his wholehearted gratitude to donors and supporters for their generosity in creating the named professorships. HKUST will continue its relentless pursuit for innovation in education and research, in addition to garnering support from society and recruiting talents for the good of the University, and the greater good of the community and the country.

Among the officiating guests at the Inauguration Ceremony were HKUST Council Chairman Dr Marvin K T Cheung and President Tony F Chan. Donors, corporate sponsors and their representatives were also present at the ceremony. They are: Dr Helmut Sohmen, Dr & Mrs Hari Harilela, Mr Ronnie Chan, Mr & Mrs Kenneth Fang, Dr Geoffrey Yeh, Mr & Mrs Thomas Liang, Ms Cynthia Mong, Mr Ming-wai Lau, Ms Claudine Ying, Ms Ching-leun Teo, Prof Paul Cheung, Mr Anthony Cheong, and others

List of the First Inauguration Ceremony of Named Professorships:Existing professorship holders:

Prof Kalok Chan, Department of Finance

Synergis – Geoffrey YEH Professor of Business


Prof Ping Sheng, Department of Physics

Dr William M W Mong Professor of Nanoscience


Prof Hoi-Sing Kwok, Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering

Dr William M W Mong Professor of Nanotechnology


Visiting professorship holder:

Prof Bright Sheng, School of Humanities and Social Science

Y K Pao Distinguished Visiting Professor of Cultural Studies


New professorship holders

Prof Jaideep Sengupta, Department of Marketing

Joseph Lau Professor of Business


Prof Albert Ha, Department of Information Systems, Business Statistics and Operations

Wei Lun Foundation Professor of Business


Prof Mingjie Zhang, Division of Life Science

Kerry Holdings Professor of Science


Prof Benzhong Tang, Department of Chemistry
Stephen Kam Chuen Cheong Professor of Science

Prof Nancy Ip, Division of Life Science

The Morningside Professor of Life Science


Prof James Kung, Division of Social Science

Yan Ai Foundation Professor of Social Science


Prof Chung-Yee Lee, Department of Industrial Engineering and Logistics Management

Cheong Ying Chan Professor of Engineering


Prof Tongyi Zhang, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Fang Professor of Engineering


Prof Matthew McKay, Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering

Hari Harilela Associate Professor of Electronic and Computer Engineering


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