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HKUST Offers One of the Best Study Abroad Programs to Study in Hong Kong

When choosing a destination for higher education, many opt for the best study abroad programs offered by regions with a high level of modernity, academic excellence, level of freedom and the best benefits. As the internationally acclaimed Asia’s World City, Hong Kong is popular for its special location where East meets West. To study in Hong Kong, international students from Asia-Pacific regions, Europe, America and other continents are competing for the limited space in universities’ best study abroad programs. This article serves as a brief guide for choosing the best study abroad programs to study in Hong Kong and help students to get the most out of such programs.

The Checklist of Choosing the Best Study Abroad Programs

It is definitely not easy to choose a school from thousands of universities around the world. There are many overseas colleges, types and choices in every city. One good way to start with is to look for the best study abroad programs in a particular country or even city. Considering the security, political environment and potential risks and chances of a country can help students decide on a destination before finding the best study abroad programs. This helps to avoid the feeling of looking for a needle in a haystack among all possible places.

Another criterion to consider is the reputation of the universities. Even if the institution seems to offer the best study abroad programs, the reputation and the impact of the university itself do make a huge difference in the experience that students would have. The reputation of individual universities can be found in various papers and reports, as well as on the websites of universities. However, to have a bigger picture and an objective understanding, the university’s ranking among the world’s institutions serves as an important reference for students to look at before finding the best study abroad programs. The Quacquarelli Symonds(QS) World University Rankings is a reputable list of universities around the world. Students can take it as a reference for determining the impact and importance of the future program to enrol in.

Study in Hong Kong: A Fruitful Experience For Cultural Enrichment

It is the dream of many international students to study in Hong Kong as the city boasts an international network as well as a deep connection with China. Hong Kong is also where the busy city pace meets the natural countryside, with a world-class skyline surrounding the famous Victoria Harbour.

To study in Hong Kong, many students choose the most influential universities in the city. As mentioned above, the QS World University Rankings is a popular reference used by many students and organisations across the world. Three of Hong Kong’s universities are listed in the top 50 of the world’s 1,300 universities, namely, the Hong Kong University, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) and the Chinese University of Hong Kong. These are all sought-after destinations for students who hope to study in Hong Kong.

HKUST - A Young University to Unleash Potential for Students who Wish to Study in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) is an internationally renowned research university with world-class standards in science, engineering, business management, humanities and social sciences. HKUST offers an international campus, and a holistic and interdisciplinary pedagogy to nurture well-rounded graduates with a global vision, a strong entrepreneurial spirit and innovative thinking. Only 31 years have passed since its establishment, however, the university has already earned international recognition and applause. HKUST is ranked as the world’s second-best young university in the QS Top 50 Under 50, 2022 - great news to international students who wish to study in Hong Kong.

The International Program for Students to Study in Hong Kong

HKUST has been welcoming exchange students to study in Hong Kong ever since the development of its international student program. Besides the four-year programs for those who want to study in Hong Kong for a longer period of time, HKUST also offers the following opportunities for students to study in Hong Kong for a shorter period of time. Students can choose from the Undergraduate Visiting Internship Students (Research Only) or the Undergraduate Visiting Students (Coursework Only) to experience life at HKUST.

Students who wish to study in Hong Kong can choose from the many disciplines that HKUST offers. The Schools of Science, Engineering, Business and Management, Humanities and Social Science are the four main faculties of HKUST.

The School of Science has earned recognition for HKUST on international rankings. Many of the subjects offered by the school are on the top of the list in Hong Kong. Being the first in Materials Sciences, Computer Science & Information Systems, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics & Astronomy, and Natural Sciences, HKUST continues to inspire budding scientists and researchers from all around the world.

On the other hand, the university has also ranked top with the School of Engineering, championing in the realm of Civil & Structural Engineering, Engineering & Technology, Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Computer Science, Mechanical, Aeronautical & Manufacturing Engineering and Chemical Engineering.

Therefore, when choosing programs to study in Hong Kong, students who are passionate in science and engineering are highly recommended to enrol in the programs offered by HKUST.

Enrolling in HKUST

As a university with a global outlook and international atmosphere, HKUST welcomes applicants from all over the world to study in Hong Kong. With 49+ majors and 24 minors covering science, engineering, business and management, humanities and social sciences, and interdisciplinary fields, HKUST offers world-class undergraduate program options.

Details of applying to the programmes to study in Hong Kong can be found on the website. Note that all applicants with international qualifications must fulfill the General Admissions Requirements, School/Program-specific Requirements, and English Language Requirements. Embark on an exciting learning journey to study in Hong Kong and at HKUST and be part of an active drive for change for the benefit of the world. To know more, please visit:


A vibrant and colorful student life goes far beyond classrooms and textbooks

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