A Truly International University

HKUST actively contributes internationally and our achievements have been widely acknowledged. International recognition is evidenced by HKUST’s consistently high rankings in worldwide and regional surveys. Overseas partnerships include collaborations with leading universities and industry partners across the world, including over 300 partners globally.

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International Alliances

With HKUST's commitment to broadening our global reach and deepening our ties with leading institutions, the university serves as the founding and core member of more than 40 renowned international alliances, such as the Association of Pacific Rim Universities (APRU), Asian Universities Alliance (AUA) and Association of East Asian Research Universities (AEARU) .

Through active collaboration in international programs, for example, education fairs, forums, summits, workshops and webinars, we join hands with overseas institutions in sharing knowledge, resources, and best practices in advancing research and driving innovation.   

We are keen on establishing partnerships and fostering meaningful collaboration with fellow members and partners.

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Enhancing Learning and Knowledge through Partnerships

Academic and research partnerships contribute to HKUST's status as a world-class university, maintaining our international prominence across all areas of expertise. With more than 300 global partners, we provide exceptional opportunities and a diverse community for our students, faculty and staff members to thrive. 

At HKUST, we offer over 1,200 study-abroad programs in collaboration with close to 250 institutional partners across 37 locations worldwide. These programs enrich our students' experiences and prepare them to become future global leaders. Discover more about our study abroad opportunities here.

In addition, HKUST also partners with different universities in offering double degree and joint degree programs. Notable programs include:


On the research front, we actively collaborate with prestigious institutions around the globe to jointly tackle the challenges and capitalize on the opportunities of today.  Key research collaborations include:


This collaborative spirit empowers our faculty and students to address pressing global challenges and develop innovative solutions across cultural and disciplinary boundaries.

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Global Engagement and Outreach

HKUST is dedicated to cultivating strong relationships with Consuls-General from various countries. Our senior management frequently engages with diplomatic representatives, forging valuable connections with academic, government, and business leaders, as well as experts in science and technology, from around the world.

Diplomats from ASEAN nations, Egypt, France, Italy, Japan, Saudi Arabia, India, Vietnam, and other countries actively participate in a range of HKUST-led initiatives. One such example is the ‘HKUST Global Dialogue Series’, which brings together Consuls-General to share insights and exchange ideas on international issues.

We also organize management-led delegations to visit our overseas partners to develop strategic partnerships and joint programs.

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Promoting Thought Leadership

Since its inception, HKUST has been an active representative in global conferences and meetings. The university is the only member from Hong Kong of the Global University Leaders Forum (GULF) under the World Economic Forum (WEF), an exclusive WEF community of the world’s leading academic institutions.  

HKUST faculty members actively engage in international conversations to share insights in strategic research areas. HKUST scientists are members of Global Future Councils, WEF Young Scientists and WEF Young Global Leaders.

HKUST continues to play a role as an advocate of global issues, contributing to the development of innovative solutions and shaping global agendas.

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Welcoming and Forging Partnerships

For partnership and visit enquiries, please contact global@ust.hk .