Professor King L. Chow, PhD
Acting Dean of Students


Prof King L. Chow was appointed Acting Dean of Students on 1 September 2018.

King L. Chow is a Professor of Life Science and Biomedical Engineering at HKUST. He earned his PhD in Cell Biology from Baylor College of Medicine. He was a Belfer Fellow of Molecular Genetics at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine before joining HKUST upon his return to Hong Kong. He rose to the current rank in the following decade. His research work spans across a broad spectrum of biological sciences and interfaces with chemistry, physics, mathematics, engineering and clinical sciences through a number of intra- and inter-institutional collaborations. They cover areas like molecular and cell biology, genetics and genomics, developmental neurobiology, synthetic and evolutionary biology.

He helped launch the successful Molecular Biomedical Science Program for our undergraduates and managed the Graduate Program of Bioengineering. He was also responsible for the development of the university-wide Common Core Program liaising with all schools and academic units to broaden the educational experience of our students. He teaches extensively in broad disciplines of life science and general education at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels in HKUST and other sister institution. The collective effort earned him the School of Science Teaching Award and the Michael Gale Medal of Distinguished Teaching at HKUST. He has led numerous Teaching Development Projects. He also serves on many curriculum and program committees in HKUST as well as advisory and review panels of other organizations to foster transformation of science and liberal arts education.