Perseverance Will Always Pay Off

We hear a lot about technological advancements like 'Smart Cities' and the 'Internet of Things', but how will they really improve our lives?  For Chris Tsui, inspired by the commitment to excellence and can-do spirit he learned while studying his Master in Engineering at HKUST, there was only one way to find out.... As a science and engineering student, Chris was always eager to find how he could contribute to improving people's quality of life. To broaden his perspective and knowledge in the field, he joined many seminars and competitions conferences and exhibitions he could find.  "I thought I needed to see what others have done, and plan to do,” he recalled. His next step was to participate in conferences and exhibitions to see how ideas such as “Smart City” and “Internet of Things (IOT)” could be put into reality. “I got to talk to many policy makers, executives, and industry experts who work in the real world, and that helped me figured out what role I could play.” He soon sent out his CVs to many of the companies that interested him and, after a series of rejections and turn-downs, he landed a job as Graduate Researcher with building consultant Arup, where his first task was to study the engineering feasibility of developing Kowloon East into a Smart City and make suggestions on how to manage the city’s data. Uncertain at first how best to tackle the challenge, he thought back to his postgraduate research project which involved designing a solar cell, where he had to have a thorough understanding of his the materials, and manage every component with care to ensure that they would function optimally. “It is really similar to what I did in school,” Chris said. “I had to first locate where the cable ducts are, and determine whether existing infrastructure would be sufficient. Only by thinking and planning these steps carefully would we then be able to proceed to build a data center.” Chris also draws inspiration from his firm belief that science should be fun. "Putting theory into practice has been a very enjoyable and exciting experience for me, and I am glad that I discovered that while I was still a student,” he said. “Enjoy what you do, and fun will follow.” Source: Career Guide 2017