Everyone knows UST is the best...so do I!


Let's think for a second, how does a university life qualify for the best experience?

What if it enlightened you for a whole new world for your intellectual pursuit? How about meeting someone who you called a life partner? And last but not the least a rewarding and meaningful career?

The best of the best though, is when one gets the 3 wishes together!

It all began in August 1998, the kickoff of a life-changing journey for a regular 19-year old in Hong Kong.

I used to love Chinese history but it was the Humanities professors at UST who taught me how to study our own history from a totally different perspective. I also got to join AIESEC, the world's largest student run organization, in which I feel so lucky to meet my beloved wife and offered me the chance to go through a traineeship with my current employer in the US. Plus, all the advertising, consumer behavior and market research knowledge I accumulated that I call my professional expertise now.

I've been now married for 4 years, starting my 8th year at the company, and still enjoyed being involved as an advisor for AIESEC. The story continues, and I always know I have my best university, HKUST, to thank you.