Where Dreams Start - Xinyue Wang


Xinyue Wang Year 3, major in Accounting and Finance

I'm Wang Xinyue, from Beijing. I'm currently a 3rd year student and graduating this June majoring in accounting and finance.

I came to Hong Kong with no idea as to what my host city would be like. I entered HKUST with no clue what this university would mean to me. And I began my major with no plans about post-graduation life.But now I am about to graduate, determined and hopeful about my career and with a splendid blueprint for life. It is HKUST that has seeded my dreams. For the University is like an ocean, there is always space for you to explore and shine.

“To thrive or survive? It’s your choice. Find out what you are truly interested in and you can become what you believe,” one of my professors said during my very first year at HKUST. Brought up on spoon-fed teaching, I was initially thrown by this question. Where did my interests really lie? For the first time, I started to explore.

There was a time when I wondered whether I should start work after graduation or take up graduate studies.It was HKUST that provided the chance to experience both a research culture through the

Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program and a workplace environment during sandwich study leave.There was a time when I had a hard choice to make between different business programs. It was HKUST that offered me opportunity to take up a second major.

When I was curious about different cultures, it was HKUST that sent me on a US exchange to gain experience of local life there. And when I wanted to develop my personal interests, it was HKUST that provided sports coaching and a variety of language courses.

To me, HKUST has been the platform where I have found my direction and created my vision of the future.

 Study Leave at HSBC
Study Leave at HSBC
 Student exchange experience at Austin - photo of having a party
Student exchange experience at Austin - photo of having a party
 Being a MC in an alumni event
Being a MC in an alumni event