Having a roommate for the first time


One of many concerns I had before coming to HKUST was about having a roommate. I had shared my room with my sisters before, so sharing wasn't a problem. It was only that I would share it with someone you don't know at all, yet. The school didn't tell us who our roommates would be, so I wondered what my roommate would be like, and hoped that we would get along.

On my first and second day at school, during the orientation period, I didn't get to see my roommate. I think it was on the third day that I found a note on my desk, with these words written on it: 'Hi, I am Teresa, your roommate for the coming semester. But I wouldn't be here until tomorrow. Call me if you need anything at ********. See you~ Love, Teresa.'

I was surprised to see the note, but I was also relieved, thinking that my roommate, Teresa, seems nice. When I finally met her the next day and chatted for some time, I knew that we would get along right away. It usually doesn't take long for you to figure that out.

I have to say that my first semester at UST was tough, naturally full of stress and tension as UST is nicknamed University of Stress and Tension. Yet, I made sure I had fun, and a big part of it came from hanging out with my roommate and two suitemates whom I also like. We eat together, cook together, and do some silly and crazy stuff. I feel very lucky to have three valuable friends right next to me (literally!), and I really look forward to another fun semester with them! :D