Picture Perfect Balance for Student Life


Three budding photographers balance studies with their love of documenting life.

Life at HKUST involves juggling studies with work, and for three students, being on campus offers the chance to do that. ” To me, photography is about using scientific equipment and knowledge to capture an object and expressing it with an artistic soul. In other words, photography is literally a combination between science and arts,” says Joe Traipattanakul (Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, PhD, Year 4).

Work life balance is something that Aaron Gao (Electronic & Computer Engineering, PhD, Year 4) values deeply. “It is a great pleasure to help my friends who need some portrait photos for graduation or capturing their memorable university life moments,” he says.

For Sun Cheng (Physics, UG, Class 2017 Graduate) photography is almost an extension of his studies. “My eagerness and curiosity to explore the truth of the universe via Physics are equalled by my passion and fascination in photography,” he says.

Indeed, these three passionate students show how to combine a love of academics with a hobby that provides the picture perfect balance to their studies.

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Source: Campus Up Dec 2017