HKUST Holds Fifth Inauguration Ceremony of Named Professorships for Outstanding Faculty Members

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) held the fifth inauguration ceremony of named professorships today to honor 11 outstanding faculty members and their donors.

HKUST Council Chairman Mr. Andrew LIAO Cheung-Sing and President Prof. Wei SHYY officiated at the ceremony – conducted online this year in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Donors and friends of the university also participated in the ceremony in celebration of the inauguration. 

HKUST Council Chairman Mr. Andrew LIAO officiated at the ceremony
HKUST Council Chairman Mr. Andrew LIAO officiated at the ceremony

Mr. Andrew Liao expressed deep gratitude for the donors’ benevolence, “In an era of global competition for talents, our donors’ continued support reinforces our efforts in attracting and retaining distinguished academics from around the world, helping the University in advancing its mission to offer quality education.  With their generous donation, HKUST, as a research university, will continue to fulfil the shared vision of addressing the global challenges and contributing to the economic and social development with innovation and creativity.” 

 HKUST President Prof. Wei SHYY addressed the audience
HKUST President Prof. Wei SHYY addressed the audience

Prof. Wei Shyy said in his opening remarks, “Faculty member is one of the key pillars of HKUST.  They not only teach, but also mentor, support and advise our students.  We are very proud of having this opportunity to recognize our outstanding faculty colleagues, whose commitment and accomplishments will allow HKUST to continue to break new ground.  We are also grateful for the donor’s generosity and strong support to our faculty members.”

The expertise of the 11 named professors covers a wide spectrum of research areas including electronic and computer engineering, robotics and artificial intelligence, information systems and operations management, humanities and sociology, human resources, consumer psychology, entrepreneurship, finance and neuroscience.

The professorships were made possible by generous donations rendered to HKUST from long-standing contributors to higher education. They are (in alphabetical order according to their first names): Dr. Colin Lam Ko Yin, Elman Family Foundation, King's Flair Development Limited, Lifestyle International Holdings Limited, Li & Fung, Prosnav Holding Limited, Ms. V. Cheng, Wong Check She Charitable Foundation, and Yan Ai Foundation.

The appointed professors are:

School of Science
Prof. Kai LIU    
Cheng Associate Professor of Science  
Prof. LIU Kai, Division of Life Science
School of Engineering
Prof. Khaled BEN LETAIEF Prof. CHAN Mansun Prof. LI Zexiang
New Bright Professor of Engineering 
Prof. Khaled BEN LETAIEF, Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering
Alex Wong Siu Wah Gigi Wong Fook Chi Professor of Engineering
Prof. CHAN MansunDepartment of Electronic and Computer Engineering
Colin Lam Ko Yin Professor of Engineering 
Prof. LI ZexiangDepartment of Electronic and Computer Engineering
School of Business and Management
Prof. Sam GARG Prof. GONG Yaping Prof. HUI Kai Lung
Liwei Huang Associate Professor of Business
Prof. Sam GARGDepartment of Management
Fung Term Professor of Management
Prof. GONG Yaping, Department of Management
Elman Family Professor of Business
Prof. HUI Kai LungDepartment of Information Systems, Business Statistics and Operations Management 
Prof. Abhiroop MUKHERJEE Prof. Anirban MUKHOPADHYAY  
Liwei Huang Associate Professor of Business
Prof. Abhiroop MUKHERJEEDepartment of Finance
Lifestyle International Professor of Business
Prof. Anirban MUKHOPADHYAYDepartment of Marketing
School of Humanities and Social Science
Prof. LEE Ching Kwan Prof. James LEE  
Dr. Chung Sze-Yuen Professor of Social Science 
Prof. LEE Ching Kwan, Division of Social Science
Yan Ai Foundation Professor of Social Science 
Prof. James LEEDivision of Humanities and Division of Social Science


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